Shania Twain Reveals Track Listing to Upcoming 16-Song Album, “Now”

Shania Twain Reveals Track Listing to Upcoming 16-Song Album, “Now”

Shania Twain revealed the track listing to her upcoming album, Now, on Instagram yesterday (July 5).

Now, which drops on Sept. 29, will be offered as both a 12-track standard album and 16-track deluxe album.

“The new music is more celebratory, more inspirational, more about coming from somewhere bad and going somewhere good, dark to light, and that whole transition emotionally,” says Shania to NCD. “So, it’s a little deeper emotionally, for sure, this new album. There’s a lot of optimism, like ‘Life’s About to Get Good.’ The words are quite melancholy, but it’s just a happy song. It makes me feel happy when it comes on.”

Shania not only served as the album’s co-producer, but she also wrote every song . . . by herself.

“I wrote it alone,” says Shania. “I wanted to exercise independence, and I think that’s really where the power of this album is. Everyone talks about the female power with my music in the past . . . and the whole attitude there, but this one is even more about just personal power and exercising independence and putting myself forward and scaring the hell out of myself by taking on that challenge of saying, ‘Ok, I take full responsibility for the songwriting and if it sucks, then I take responsibility for that.’ But I needed to try to do this, not try, ‘I’m going to do this by myself.’ I was determined to do it alone. Because I had been in a co-writing scenario for all those years, and this was going to be the first time after all that time that I’ve written solely alone, so it’s all about independence, and I needed to learn that about myself, I needed to rediscover that about myself.”

Now Track Listing

  1. “Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed”
  2. “Home Now”
  3. “Light of My Life”
  4. “Poor Me”
  5. “Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl”
  6. “More Fun”
  7. “I’m Alright”
  8. “Let’s Kiss and Make Up”
  9. “Where Do You Think You’re Going”
  10. “Roll Me on the River”
  11. “We Got Something They Don’t”
  12. “Because of You”
  13. “You Can’t Buy Love”
  14. “Life’s About to Get Good”
  15. “Soldier”
  16. “All in All”

Feels so great to share with you the full tracklisting for my new album #ShaniaNOW! Out September 29th 😘

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