Jimmie Allen’s Message of Unity

Jimmie Allen’s Message of Unity

In recognition of Blackout Tuesday on June 2, Nash Country Daily is pausing the commentary to bring you messages of unity directly from the country music community.

All photos will appear without color.

Jimmie Allen via Instagram

“It’s our job as humans to point out the negative treatment of people. It doesn’t matter if they look like us or not or if treatment of them directly affects us or not. If we see it and it doesn’t bother us, we need to check our hearts.

“The continued non value of life towards black men in America concerns me. As a black man and a father raising a black boy I’m worried. The uncertainty of his safety turns my stomach.

“I challenge everyone to love each other and let our hearts speak louder than the injustice. Love so hard that it suffocates the hate.

“With love, Jimmie Allen.”

photo by O’Connor, AFF-USA.com


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