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Priscilla Block Stopped By The Kelly Clarkson Show to Freak Out

Priscilla Block appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week and shared with Kelly Clarkson how Taylor Swift and TikTok had a major impact on the start of her career.

Priscilla also talked with Kelly about her brand new debut album, Welcome To The Block Party.

Watch the conversation here, and Priscilla’s performance of her single “My Bar.”

After her appearance Priscilla shared, “Absolutely unreal…Today was so special being on the The Kelly Clarkson Show huge thank you to Kelly Clarkson for making me feel super comfortable, even though I was freaking out.”

Priscilla shared another thing that her freaking out – turns out that Kelly’s other guest was Magic Mike himself, “LIKE I SAID… NO CHILL! Legit almost had a panic attack when I found out Channing Tatum was going to be on the show too… bahahaha”

Welcome To The Block Party from Priscilla Block is out now – check out the music video for her single “My Bar” here…

Photo Credit: Logen Christopher