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Chris Janson’s Album All In is Now All Out and Available for Fans to Dive All In On

Chris Janson’s latest album All In is out now!

With 16-tracks, Janson shares that this his longest album to date, “The All In album is…I think probably my most eclectic group of songs that I’ve ever put together. First of all, there’s 16 songs on the album – longest album I’ve ever made”

Chris says that fans will discover a lot of musical themes as they work their way through the All In album, “There’s love songs on this record. There are songs about death even… lots of happy songs, very uplifting songs, some middle of the road that just makes you feel really good…and there’s also I’m really proud to say some super traditional country music songs on this record. For the 1st time I really started incorporating some more fiddle and steel which is something I’ve always been a big fan of.”

All In features two guest vocalist with Travis Tritt on “Things You Can’t Live Without”

and Eric Church with “You, Me & The River”

Chris shares that some of the inspiration behind the music on All In came from an unexpected place, “I watched Yellowstone a lot through this album so parts of this record are somewhere right between Hank Jr. and John Dutton and some of it are right between just making you feel really good and just being happy to be there. Some of it makes you cry, some of it makes you laugh, a lot of it makes you smile. Overall, I think this album will be enjoyed probably the most out of all my albums.”

Chris’ current single from All In is “Keys To The Country.”

All In from Chris Janson is available now.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Janson