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Reba McEntire Gets Back to Acting as She’s Set to Join Big Sky’s Third Season

According to Variety, Reba McEntire will return to acting as she’s joining Big Sky as a regular on the show as it’s going into its third season.

According to IMDB.com, Reba’s character’s name will be “Sunny Brick.”

Along with her singing career, Reba’s acting resume is just as storied.

She starred in her own series, aptly called Reba, which aired in original episodes from 2001 to 2007, and can now be found in syndication. Reba has starred or guest starred in many series – including most recently as “June” in Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon.

Reba has also appeared in several movies, including Charlotte’s Web, One Night at McCool’s, North, Tremors and many more.

Of course one of Reba McEntire’s more frequent acting jobs happens in her music videos.

As a part of her triple album release Revived, Remixed, Revisited Reba co-starred in the video for “Does He Love You” with another country music icon known for acting as well…Dolly Parton.

Photo Courtesy of Reba McEntire